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A Sure Method for Business and Personal Success – Life Coaching

Companies who have hired Life Coaches say that coaching enhanced the success of their employees by 86%. Reports have demonstrated that coaching can increase work performance by 70% and improve business management by 61%. The establishment of measurable goals to bring about clarity and forward planning is attributed to this success rate. Companies and individuals who hire a coach almost all say they were extremely satisfied with the results (99%) and are 96% sure they would hire one again.

Those who have tried life coaching also find their personal lives improving; their confidence increasing, improved inter-personal relationships, enhanced communication skills and achieving more fulfillment and satisfaction in life.

Life Coaching generates a high return on investment says Judi Wolder at Cedar Light Life Coaching in Orange County.

Judi Wolder has her offices in Laguna Hills. Her coaching approach is highly motivational, goal oriented and centered around empowering the client. Judi Wolder’s approach is in line with positive psychology and is solution focused. Judi enhances the client’s visualization process to imagine living the life they want. She says, a strong unwavering desire and keeping one’s eye on the ball brings about success. Judi can also enhance the client’s desires and motivation through hypnosis. This effective process spurs clients into taking action and making positive lasting changes in their lives. Negative talk and limiting beliefs is what is tackled during sessions. Judi empowers the client to create new belief systems that are positive and self loving. With constant empathy and encouragement, Judi moves helps client’s discover their personal power switch, how to turn it on and up whenever they want to be more successful,magnetic or powerful. Cedar Light Life Coaching offers her in person services in Orange County and through Skype sessions, all over the world

Reference: International Coach Federation: The Benefits of Coaching

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