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“I have seen MANY family counselors, therapists, coaches in the last 4 decades and no one holds a candle to Judi. In an hour and a half she nailed my life struggles when it comes to my relationships with my significant other and why I am ambivalent and unable to truly be a partner to something that occurred in my childhood. She also explained to me in a way that really hit home as to how I allow my daughter and mother to suck my energy and why it is important for me to stop trying to please them.  It sounds simple but ONLY Judi was able to really shine light on the situation that I have been holding on to for decades and make it crystal clear. This light allows me to be empowered and take action. 
She is the best life coach I have ever met.”
Dr. Maurie Sutton


“What first impressed me about Judi, aside form her obvious talent, was the respect she showed me. Judi has made me reflect on my life, and make choices for the better”
(Bonnie S)



“Judi is a wonderful listener. Many people in her position try to tell you how to live life ‘their way’. I feel that Judi took a vested interest in seeing the improvement in the issues we were facing in our marriage. She also offered real practical solutions that could be implemented for measurable improvements. I would highly recommend Judi as a life coach’ ”
(Darren N)



“Judi has helped me to get over being laid off and having my life change so much. I was overwhelmed, but doing great now. Judi was always compassionate, but kept me on goal. I think Judi was fantastic”
(Suzanne D)

“I am so glad I chose Cedar Light!!! Judy has helped it in honing my focus and pursuing my med school ambitions. I was looking for some assistance and support in this dark facet of my life and I definitely found it here.

The staff is friendly and Judy is always empathetic  ( most important quality of all imo) to your situation. I feel she truly seeks to understand you and walk with you through the vicissitudes of life. That’s something even in this field you do not find all the time! Very cordial and a true expert of what she does as well as a life time learner, bringing new tactics to better help you with your journey. Definitely recommend to all!!!”

(Stephen B)