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  • 1. Individual Therapy

    Individual therapy sessions 60 mins or 90 mins. Within these sessions, you will get a chance to talk about your challenges and where you are at in the present moment, I will be listening with a clinician’s ear using empathy, intuition and my expertise to ask you questions which will bring you to a greater sense of clarity. Within sessions, I may use a white board to outline and define your thoughts and help you gain clarity. After listening comes the intervention part where we implement techniques to help alleviate your distress or clarify goals and strategize. these may be done through EFT tapping, hypnosis, visualization, guided imagery, affirmations and motivational exercises. Call today!!! (949)735-5502

  • 2. Couple's Therapy

    A couple’s Therapy session may be a 60 minutes or 90 minutes. Within the session, you will be able to communicate with your partner in a safe environment, learn effective Imago based dialogue techniques and gain more trust and empathy with your partner. My philosophy is largely based on Imago Therapy principles -Harville Hendrix. Read more about him here…

    Couples therapy will create more self-awareness in your relationship and more accountability for each partner without judgments or the typical conflict escalation that occurs at home.
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  • 3. Group Therapy

    Group therapy sessions are typically 2 hours long. They may be themed, or simply process groups, or support groups. I offer women’s support groups, men’s support groups, domestic violence groups, cancer support groups, ADD support groups and grief support groups. A group setting offers a unique peer-based support system. Members can help raise awareness and bring about change in each other more effectively than simply in individual therapy. The facilitator is present to manage the direction of the group and maintain its therapeutic value. there is a sense of comfort and validation knowing others may be experiencing the same challenges.To find out more about my groups, call me, (949)735-5502

  • 4. Hypnotherapy

    Hypnotherapy is an effective way to achieve changes quickly and get to the root of a problem. Thereafter, re-installing new behaviors. Hypnotherapy is effective as it helps clients bypass the critical factor and new ideas can become more deeply embedded to create lasting changes. People move in and out of trance states many times a day. It is a natural state of being. The clinician knows how to induce this state and use it in advantageous and theraeutic ways to relieve ailments such as anxiety, weight gain, smoking, depression, addictions etc. Call me to discuss how hypnotherapy can help you. Free sessions offered as part of certain packages

  • Workshops

    I offer relationship workshops for singles and couples. These workshops are based on Imago Therapy principles.
    ( Singles can gain clarity and awareness about their relationship patterns and why they are attracted to the partners they typically choose. Couples can learn communication skills like dialogue techniques that help de-escalate conflict at home and establish better ways of communicating and healthier relationships. In a pscho-educational setting couples will learn what modes of behaviors work best to create marriages that are happy and rewarding. With the divorce rate in Orange County being higher than 50%, it’s worth attending a relationship workshop. Join or meetup today to stay up to date with our upcoming Love Conversation workshops. or Call now! (949)735-5502