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The Concerns that Spiral from Job Stress – Orange County Life Coaching.

Various sources of stress in life can push you to your limits. Respondents to the 2014 Stress in America survey, commissioned by the American Psychological Association, say that work comes in at a close second to money as a source of stress. When work issues negatively affect your financial stability, the stress certainly heightens.

What is even more concerning is the high potential for job stress to take a toll on your health and even shorten your lifespan. Aside from keeping you up at night or straining your eyes all day, you would also tend to develop unhealthy habits like skipping meals (or consuming plenty of them throughout the day) and skipping hours of sleep intentionally. These bad habits can weaken your immunity or load your body with toxins, which can lead to serious diseases like hypertension and obesity.

Developing Depression

Alongside deterioration of your physical health, the mental and emotional impact of the stress can also be instrumental factors to depression. When you have a lot of issues to handle or unresolved conflicts to sort out, you may feel anxious all the time. You may also, little by little, lose confidence in your abilities to manage everyday situations and be successful.

These things could lead to tasks not being accomplished well or to bosses and colleagues giving you criticisms that demoralize you. You might also be overly critical of yourself or your work that even if you don’t receive negative feedback from others, you feel as if you’re not doing your job right, leading to depression and constant dissatisfaction with everything.

Impulsive Decisions

When you do get overwhelmed with workplace pressures, you might start thinking of quitting your job or switching careers without thinking of the risks. You may also make other rash decisions like throwing away your money on worthless things without taking the time to plan and cope in a better way. These are exactly the things that you can pick apart with a life coaching professional who can point out your unhealthy coping mechanisms and help turn your realizations into action.

Finding a New Path

Of course, that’s not all that a life coach can help you with. You can also figure out what to do next through helpful counseling services, such as those offered by Judi Wolder, the personal and marriage counseling professional behind Cedar Light Life Coaching in Orange County. For instance, if you do decide to switch careers, a life coach can help you explore the possibilities and discover a passion that you will find practical and meaningful as your new career goal.



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