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STRESS IN BUSINESS!!! Imagine you’re with a client about to forge a big business alliance but for some reason, the way the client spoke triggered an unpleasant memory for you. A memory about losing a huge deal last year which lead to a downward spiral in your life – lack of finances lead to more […]

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What a Ride!!!

Fear I once went snow sliding on a tube. I resisted for a long time before acquiescing to the nags of my kids. I watched as everybody else reached the bottom of the slope unscathed and realized that enjoyment meant surrendering to the ride. There was no way to control the downward slope or the […]

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4 Marriage Myths

Marriage Myths 1. “Meeting our in-laws is no reflection on what our lives will be…” • In fact, it matters a lot – each individual in a marriage is molded by the cultural influences and ideas from their family of origin. Each individual picks up habits, communication modes, and even neuroses (genetic or nurture based) […]

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Sometimes Life Sucks

How to take in all the bad situations and news around you and still stay focussed and positive in life. This is my question for the week. This week, as a community we were all affected and saddened by a sudden unexpected death of a thirty something young man. At the same time, I heard […]

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