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Natural Way to Prevent Stress and Disease

If you would like to become healthier, stress free, more centered and balanced in your daily life, take your first step into the meditation experience. Judi Wolder at Cedar Light Life Coaching in Orange County says that taking those quiet moments in your day is all that is needed.she also believes in establishing life balance which […]

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What a Ride!!!

Fear I once went snow sliding on a tube. I resisted for a long time before acquiescing to the nags of my kids. I watched as everybody else reached the bottom of the slope unscathed and realized that enjoyment meant surrendering to the ride. There was no way to control the downward slope or the […]

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Relationship Patterns

Every relationship is the way it is because of a dynamic that has been a pattern for years. An abuser would not be one if there was no subject to abuse. There is always a victim and an abuser. If you change one person in the relationship the dynamic can change. The more you free […]

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What I learned this week:  1. When you have a difficult situation to deal with, don’t be hasty. Just BE in it and settle into it… sleep on it… ask for guidance. I am not saying do not deal with your circumstances. That is avoidance, but sometimes, just trusting in your inner voice, trusting in […]

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Do you feel like you’re losing control? Take back your life now! 1. Learn to let go, when you let go, you gain more control 2. Life is mostly uncontrollable, but you have ultimate control over your own emotions and actions 3. The over-controlling person usually harbors many fears.

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