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Rising Above the Storm

Some situations are a waiting game – what matters most is the patience and the willingness to continue to fight the fight. For if our patience and resilience runs out, we lose the battle and succumb to that presence lurking in the hallways – that dark cloud, waiting to take us down. One particularly bad […]

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The Caregiver

I am a mother. Watching my child go through cancer treatment. I am a mother. Did I only watch? How strange.. I am not her, and yet, I feel like I went through the treatment with her. Is it possible to feel all that pain and fear even though I am a completely separate person? As […]

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The Road to Recovery

Layer upon Layer… It’s a really slow road putting yourself together again after cancer. Like Humpty Dumpty – you feel broken and are kinda all over the show- a mixture of viscuous fluid and broken shell. Meaning that your insides feel like jelly and your outer shell is still very fragile. The journey involves building […]

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