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Judith Wolder MA Psych/CLC Your Life Coach in Orange County

Hi I am Judi Wolder. I inspire people. I will help you change your focus to find your light and discover your own incredible journey.


-Anxiety and stress management

-Career coaching


-Cancer Support

-Relationship Coaching


-Effective communication


-Business and financial success

-Personal development

-Young adults – career choices and direction


My clients have experienced a new sense of vitality, energy and wellness after working with me.

Break free from your inhibitors and whatever blocks you from achieving success. You can create the life you want. The first step is to call!

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Emotion Freedom Techniques (EFT):

You will be amazed at how effectively EFT works. Through tapping on certain meridians in the body, (similar to acupuncture), we are able to eliminate the body’s response to emotional trauma or disruptions. Wouldn’t you like to be free from the negative effects of past experiences? Learn more about EFT here.


Hypnotherapy has shown tremendous therapeutic benefits like weight loss, smoking cessation, emotional distress, relief from trauma, creating a positive future and new behaviors.

To request a hypnotherapy session, call:

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Each day you will wake up filled with excited anticipation.

Learn the 6 secrets to success.

  • Find your passion
  • Stop negative patterns
  • Be empowered
  • Move ahead
  • Live with purpose
  • Feel more vital and motivated everyday

As Your Life Coach in Orange County

Your chance is now! Let me take you on this incredible journey!

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