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  • Anxiety


    Do you suffer from anxiety disorder or panic attacks?? I can help!!! I am situated in Orange County and my Life Coaching techniques will help you get off the emotional roller coaster. Learning how to worry less comes with skill. Stress, fear and worry –  the main causes for anxiety, can be alleviated through a number of successful techniques. Emotion Freedom Techniques (EFT), Hypnosis, Visualization  and stress relieving exercises can help stop the negative cycle. Learning new ways of framing experiences and thinking different thoughts will also help help relieve your anxiety. These techniques have helped me conquer my anxiety and panic attacks and I can help you too.As a Life Coach serving Orange County, namely the Irvine, Tustin, Newport Beach and Santa Ana areas, I will help you get off that emotional roller coaster, learn how to control the emotion centers of your brain Stop the irrational thoughts and negative patterns that sabotage success! Read more here. Call today!!! (949)735-5502

  • Trauma


    Whether you have suffered physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse or psychological abuse. If you have experienced any kind of trauma or life-threatening situation, I can help you regain control and reclaim your life. Emotion Freedom Techniques (EFT) is the most astounding and fascinating technique. Many are surprised at how they have finally been able to heal from their traumas in a short a time as a 15 minute process! Get past the hyper-vigilance, startle response, depression and low self- esteem that this traumatic experience has caused.As a Life Coach serving Orange County, namely the Irvine, Tustin, Newport Beach and Santa Ana areas, I have helped many people leave their negative experiences behind them. Through EFT tapping techniques, we will stabilize the extreme emotions you have attached to the event. It is fairly simple to re-program how you feel about the event, and you will experience relief very quickly. Watch an EFT video here:

    Cedar Light Life Coaching in Orange County is the place! I can help you! Call (949)735-5502

  • Strategies for Success

    accomplishingAchieving success is easy with the right kind of help to get you on your way! Once you have defined your passions and what drives you, you will be able to reach your potential. This occurs in increments as you take little steps and accrue small accomplishments. These accomplishments will make you realize what you are really capable of. Together we will work on making you believe in yourself. As your confidence grows, you will start to realize your full potential. For individual or even marriage counseling in Orange County.  As a Life Coach serving Orange County, namely the Irvine, Tustin, Newport Beach and Santa Ana areas, we will work together on small measurable goals, to help you achieve immeasurable success! Call me, I can help you! (949)735-5502

  • Repairing Relationships

    Woman embracing her boyfriendLooking for marriage counseling in Orange County or couples’ therapy? I can help! I have developed my expertise in this area from personal experience combined with techniques that have been tried and tested. Imago Therapy techniques are a unique and exceptionally effective format for couple’s counseling and I have helped hundreds learn to respect each and listen to each other through Imago Dialogue. I have helped many couples feel happier and get the relationship they have always wanted. I can help you regain that sparkle you thought was gone for good! Perhaps you have tried therapy and found it unsuccessful? My specialized Life Coaching can help where therapy didn’t.  Sound unrealistic? Just give it one more try! I am available to speak with you anytime. (949)735-5502, or email me:

  • Overcoming Obstacles

    ObstaclesDo you know where you want to go, but not how to get there? Have you tried to get past your fears that hold you back from success? Find your way to our Life Coaching offices in Santa Ana, Orange County, California, and you will find your path to a better life! We grow up with belief systems and sometimes these can become so binding that we hold them as true. We all have blocks. Our blocks hold us back from achieving what we have always desired. Even if we know theoretically what we are doing wrong, it’s difficult to make changes. That is because our life experiences have programmed a blueprint for us and it becomes very difficult to see past that. You may have had help from therapists before, but with your beliefs being so strong, have failed to achieve your goals. I can help you unblock negative thought patterns and reprogram your thinking. Get past your barriers, achieve success! Call now! (949)735-5502

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