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What I learned this week: 
1. When you have a difficult situation to deal with, don’t be hasty. Just BE in it and settle into it… sleep on it… ask for guidance. I am not saying do not deal with your circumstances. That is avoidance, but sometimes, just trusting in your inner voice, trusting in the power of the universe and believing that the solutions will come, will ease your stress levels. Do not waste time over analyzing with your rational brain. Allow your intuitive sense to take over. You will see how much simpler your life will be.
2. Give it away – When you are stuck in traffic and getting annoyed, just give it away. Say to yourself “I am not going to hold onto this stress right now. Ask the universe, or your higher power to hold on to it for you, and you will immediately feel more relaxed.
3. Surrender – instead of fighting a situation or questioning it, sometimes surrendering your self into it, can bring about the most changes.
All these lessons are about CONTROL – Learn to relinquish it, let go, and you will find – nothing falls apart, but in the process, you will start to feel whole.


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