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What a Ride!!!


I once went snow sliding on a tube. I resisted for a long time before acquiescing to the nags of my kids. I watched as everybody else reached the bottom of the slope unscathed and realized that enjoyment meant surrendering to the ride. There was no way to control the downward slope or the speed, the only choice was to hang on and entrust in the soft bouncy air filled apparatus. Trusting our life journey is the same- the only difference is, we do not give ourselves to the safety of a solid tire or life ring we can hold onto, our vehicle is less tangible but we have to believe it is still there. On that tire, we all knew the finish line was the bottom of the slope, and in life, our journey too has a finish line and all the twists and turns are already laid out before we even start. we are here simply to embrace it. I know it is hard to embrace uncertainty – just as it was hard for me to embrace that tire and hang on for dear life, but when I relaxed into the process, boy, what a ride it was!!!

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