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A Person Worth Knowing


Isn’t it strange how sometimes you can meet someone for the first time and you just know that this is a person worth knowing? I met someone like that this week. Being in her presence, I knew, I could talk to her forever and in the work that she did, I instinctively knew that she was impactful on her clients. Her focus went deeper than just her work- I could see she was passionate about helping people. Some people out there make ‘making money’ their motivation and some make ‘people’ their motivation. I am sure when you make ‘people’ your motivation – helping them, caring about their needs, being interested in them and wanting to understand them, you will be more successful and the money will come by default. Perhaps she made such an impact on me because she showed genuine interested in ME and not in what she could get out of me – and that all made a difference…

There are others you meet – and after your first connection, you feel indifferent about them. Not wanting to judge them too quickly, you leave their presence thinking, “I need to know them better to form my opinion”. Then as your relationship with them continues, you may see things you don’t like, but you make excuses – this person is so talented, this person is successful… they must be worth knowing! But if we try to engage in a relationship with them, it is very short- lived. Or alternatively, we have to work very hard at it.

There may be still others who you meet, where you immediately have reservations. You know… that feeling where your stomach twists up and you get all tense inside… again, you may justify – this person seems an expert in his field, this person wouldn’t be where he is today if he wasn’t great, you must be wrong… and these connections are sure to fail.

There also may be people you have known for years who you like who you always want to be friends with, but no matter how you try, they keep sending mixed messages. They are friendly, fun to be with and always act like they want to foster a friendship, but you feel like YOU’RE doing all the work and each time you see them, it’s only because you initiated it.

Learn to sift people out and tell the difference. Learn to interpret the signs. Learn who to take along in your journey and who to leave behind.

When we immigrated here 6 years ago, my 14 year old son at the time made an observation. He said, “it’s really funny, but the people who are my friends are the ones who embraced me.” I will never forget those words.

So, be a person worth knowing and find a person worth knowing to be with. Embrace those who embrace you. And when you feel that tug in your stomach – instinctively say “no”! Keep those who are worth knowing, those who feed your soul and give you strength close to you, and cherish your connection with them. Foster those connections, relationships and friendships…and your journey on this earth will be all the more satisfying and fulfilling.


  • It’s hard to find educated people on this topic, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

    • Thanks Patricia, it does become difficult knowing who to trust in life. I always follow my body sensations and instead of ignoring my doubts with rationalizing, I ask myself why I have this ‘odd’ feeling. We often ignore our intuitive sense and learn the hard way, or prolong an unproductive friendship.

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