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Natural Way to Prevent Stress and Disease

If you would like to become healthier, stress free, more centered and balanced in your daily life, take your first step into the meditation experience. Judi Wolder at Cedar Light Life Coaching in Orange County says that taking those quiet moments in your day is all that is needed.she also believes in establishing life balance which includes family, relationships, work, finances and being centered spiritually.

Set aside a time your day to focus on being quiet and peaceful. In our fast-paced, technology driven world, we need to balance nature, physics and the metaphysical – bringing together Eastern and Western philosophies to achieve balance.

Research has shown that slowing one’s breathing,and meditating has tremendous benefits like reduced anxiety, a greater sense of well-being, lowered blood pressure, improved heart rate and lower blood cortisol levels. But more than that, you may begin to feel more energetic, purposeful and spiritual. Many report that the awareness mediation creates, helps their lives begin to flow better, increases their intuition and that suddenly doors begin opening to help them achieve their greatest ambitions in life. Judi Wolder says, “Those ‘AHA’ moments jump out at you at random moments in your day or you begin to have thoughts that feel very profound and meaningful.” This drug-free,safe, natural approach is becoming more and more popular, but Judi believes it is essential to combat the havoc that stress wreaks in our lives, including having a depleted immune function to combat diseases. The more you are in a relaxed state, the more your body produces chemicals that promote a healthy body and optimal cell function which is like a buffer against physical illness. Life is not only about non-stop work and rushing from meeting to meeting, over-thinking, incessant worrying or being perfect. Life is also about slowing down, appreciating the moment, seeing sunsets, smelling the ocean and breathing in fresh air. People need to switch off from their fast-paced lives at times, and just surrender to the moment.

So find a quiet time and place, with minimal distractions for meditating, remove any expectations from the experience – the goal is ‘no goal’. Open your mind, calm the incessant thoughts and be in the present. Having complete control of your mental state is a better than hopelessly trying to control some things you have no control over. It’s amazing the power of the mind – it can release you from any negative or unpleasant feelings. The ‘letting go’ or surrender in meditation can be freeing and the most empowering feeling you have ever had. So go on, give it a try! 

Go to this page to try 6 easy meditations.

Judi Wolder, your Life Coach in Orange County is here to help you become healthier, manage stress, improve your lifestyle and show you how to live in solace and serenity.

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