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Benefits of Coaching

Every human being is born with a unique soul and a unique purpose. Before the age of two, we express our soul the most purely; before socialization, and before our full awareness of the physical world develops. As we get older, we become self ­aware and measure ourselves against others and adapt our personalities to mirror others as well as to be accepted by others. The strongest driving force becomes our need for approval.

This process begins to erode who we really are and prevents us from expressing  our core being. Looking back through the ages of human development, clan membership was vital for survival and being ousted, would mean certain death. That is probably why acceptance is so important for us. However, by suppressing our soul, our truth and our inner voice, we lose our direction and purpose. We become jaded, skeptical and disillusioned. Some of us become extremely depressed or unhappy, and others just feel empty or like there is a missing piece. That missing piece is that connection with ourselves. Judi Wolder’s Life Coaching, helps clients to recapture the essence of who they really are and discover their real purpose. When a person is congruent with their true selves, they become more confident in expressing themselves, their creativity and individuality. Finding your true passion and following it creates success in all spheres of life as well as real happiness.

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