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STRESS IN BUSINESS!!! Imagine you’re with a client about to forge a big business alliance but for some reason, the way the client spoke triggered an unpleasant memory for you. A memory about losing a huge deal last year which lead to a downward spiral in your life – lack of finances lead to more arguing with your spouse, and more insecurities… in fact you are desperate for this deal, but the more you think this, the more stressed you get. Did you know that the more you try to suppress feelings, the worse they get? Well here is the answer – by simply labeling the feeling, you can actually temper that emotion? This is because you are acknowledging the feeling rather than suppressing it, and shifting the functions of your brain from emotion driven thinking, to rational thinking. There are many ways to master your emotions – what doesn’t mind, doesn’t matter, right? WRONG!!! If you want to learn more about how to control your emotions that get in the way of running a successful business, contact Judi Wolder. Judi is your Life Coach  in the Orange County Ca area. She can help you become successful in your business by eliminating what is holding you back.

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