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Do you feel like you’re losing control? Take back your life now! 1. Learn to let go, when you let go, you gain more control 2. Life is mostly uncontrollable, but you have ultimate control over your own emotions and actions 3. The over-controlling person usually harbors many fears.

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Hello From Judi

Hi, I’m Judi Wolder “…when you’re searching for that rainbow, I will help you find it, When a mountain stands before you, I will help you climb it.” (Carol King) I am someone who believes in you! Call me today!!! (949)735-5502 Or email me below…

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Sometimes Life Sucks

How to take in all the bad situations and news around you and still stay focussed and positive in life. This is my question for the week. This week, as a community we were all affected and saddened by a sudden unexpected death of a thirty something young man. At the same time, I heard […]

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