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A Person Worth Knowing

  Isn’t it strange how sometimes you can meet someone for the first time and you just know that this is a person worth knowing? I met someone like that this week. Being in her presence, I knew, I could talk to her forever and in the work that she did, I instinctively knew that […]

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Benefits of Coaching

Every human being is born with a unique soul and a unique purpose. Before the age of two, we express our soul the most purely; before socialization, and before our full awareness of the physical world develops. As we get older, we become self ­aware and measure ourselves against others and adapt our personalities to […]

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The Caregiver

I am a mother. Watching my child go through cancer treatment. I am a mother. Did I only watch? How strange.. I am not her, and yet, I feel like I went through the treatment with her. Is it possible to feel all that pain and fear even though I am a completely separate person? As […]

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The Road to Recovery

Layer upon Layer… It’s a really slow road putting yourself together again after cancer. Like Humpty Dumpty – you feel broken and are kinda all over the show- a mixture of viscuous fluid and broken shell. Meaning that your insides feel like jelly and your outer shell is still very fragile. The journey involves building […]

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Relationship Patterns

Every relationship is the way it is because of a dynamic that has been a pattern for years. An abuser would not be one if there was no subject to abuse. There is always a victim and an abuser. If you change one person in the relationship the dynamic can change. The more you free […]

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What I learned this week:  1. When you have a difficult situation to deal with, don’t be hasty. Just BE in it and settle into it… sleep on it… ask for guidance. I am not saying do not deal with your circumstances. That is avoidance, but sometimes, just trusting in your inner voice, trusting in […]

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The Good Enough Mother

“….Embrace the concept of “Good Enough.” Breathe it in, breathe it out. Let it wrap around you and soothe your tired, worried, guilty soul. You will fail your child. You will. It will happen. Some of us do it daily. Some more spectacularly than others. What Winnicott tells us though, assures us from his mid-century […]

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Take a moment… 5 positive affirmations for you today- breathe and repeat each 3 times… 1. Opportunities and advantages come with each door that I open. 2. I am open to accepting all the gifts the universe is offering 3. I am a magnet if positive energy. All good things come my way. 4. I […]

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4 Marriage Myths

Marriage Myths 1. “Meeting our in-laws is no reflection on what our lives will be…” • In fact, it matters a lot – each individual in a marriage is molded by the cultural influences and ideas from their family of origin. Each individual picks up habits, communication modes, and even neuroses (genetic or nurture based) […]

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