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Marriage Counseling In Orange County: On Achieving Self-Actualization

What is a perfect marriage? This is a question that many have pondered on time and again, and while there are countless different answers, they all seem to possess one common trait – happiness. As many counsellors and life coaches have pointed out, a perfect marriage doesn’t necessarily mean an absence of sadness, but rather […]

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Isn’t it the worst when your husband dismisses everything you are complaining about because he finds out it’s that time of the month? But then, after the few days of rage, don’t you find yourself chuckling at your behavior and asking yourself why you were overreacting? Is PMS a time women go psycho, is it […]

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Orange County Life Coach: When Your Stress Becomes Distressing for Two

The most common reasons why couples fight usually root from misunderstanding. One may misinterpret his/her partner’s words or actions, which leads to confrontation. One may also fail to comprehend what the other’s points of view or feelings are, which could make him/her seem indifferent or difficult to interact with. However, there are times when there […]

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Natural Way to Prevent Stress and Disease

If you would like to become healthier, stress free, more centered and balanced in your daily life, take your first step into the meditation experience. Judi Wolder at Cedar Light Life Coaching in Orange County says that taking those quiet moments in your day is all that is needed.she also believes in establishing life balance which […]

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Orange County Couples Workshop

Irvine, Tustin, Newport, Santa Ana and Laguna Beach couples are invited to a meetup. Love Conversations will enhance your relationship and give you tools to increase understanding in your relationship. Re-igniting romance and intimacy in your relationship Wednesday, Feb 25, 2015, 7:30 PM School of Multidimensional Healing Arts & Sciences18271 Mcdurmott W Ste H Irvine, […]

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Couples Counseling Workshop

LOVE CONVERSATIONS Re-connect with your Loved One. This Valentine’s Day, make an investment in your relationship. Instead of the usual box of chocolates, roses, soft animal toy – surprise her/him with a chance to have a date night with a difference! Get together for cozy intimate conversations that are guaranteed to bring you closer and […]

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STRESS IN BUSINESS!!! Imagine you’re with a client about to forge a big business alliance but for some reason, the way the client spoke triggered an unpleasant memory for you. A memory about losing a huge deal last year which lead to a downward spiral in your life – lack of finances lead to more […]

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Rising Above the Storm

Some situations are a waiting game – what matters most is the patience and the willingness to continue to fight the fight. For if our patience and resilience runs out, we lose the battle and succumb to that presence lurking in the hallways – that dark cloud, waiting to take us down. One particularly bad […]

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What a Ride!!!

Fear I once went snow sliding on a tube. I resisted for a long time before acquiescing to the nags of my kids. I watched as everybody else reached the bottom of the slope unscathed and realized that enjoyment meant surrendering to the ride. There was no way to control the downward slope or the […]

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