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Take a moment…

5 positive affirmations for you today- breathe and repeat each 3 times…

1. Opportunities and advantages come with each door that I open.
2. I am open to accepting all the gifts the universe is offering
3. I am a magnet if positive energy. All good things come my way.
4. I love and accept myself just as I am
5. I let go of all negative thought patterns. They no longer have power over me.
May all good things come your way today.



1. My journey is now!
2. All good things come to me in abundance
3.I am attractive and I attract all good things and energy towards me
4. My influence changes the world for peace, serenity and love
5. The universe aligns to answer and fulfill all my dreams and hopes

As a Life Coach serving Orange County, namely the Irvine, Tustin, Newport Beach and Santa Ana areas, my practice helps you establish visions and goals for your future using positive affirmations and remaining focused and motivated. Through my Life coaching techniques, you will create new habits and patterns that will bring about lasting changes.

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